Coalition for Fair Courts

What is the Coalition for Fair Courts?

The Coalition for Fair Courts was started by the Lawyers’ Association for Women – Marion Griffin Chapter to organize various organizations across the State including women’s bar associations and other active organizations, to achieve the goals of voter education and participation for the upcoming retention elections on August 7, 2014. The goal of the Coalition for Fair Courts is to raise public awareness regarding the upcoming August 7, 2014 retention elections of our three Supreme Court Justices, Justice Connie Clark, Justice Sharon Lee, and Chief Justice Gary Wade, and our intermediate appellate court judges, and educate voters on the role of the appellate courts and the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary.  The Coalition also seeks to recognize the quality of our current appellate judiciary, who were all recommended for retention by the Tennessee Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, and to highlight the importance of having women judges on our courts.

Who are members of the Coalition?

Lawyers'Association for Women- Marion Griffin Chapter

Napier-Looby Bar Association

League of Women Voters of Nashville
  Lawyers' Association for Women - Anne Schneider Chapter

Tennessee Alliance of Black Lawyers

Women's Political Collaborative of Tennessee

Southeast Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women

Women for Tennessee's Future

Nashville Bar Association

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How to Use this Site

The Coalition for Fair Courts webpage on our website has resources for both lawyers and non-lawyers, including profiles of the judges and fact sheets that can be used to educate others about the appellate judiciary and the judges on the ballot. We also encourage people to follow @MusicCityLaw on Twitter and “like” the Lawyers’ Association for Women-Marion Griffin Chapter page on Facebook for additional information on the upcoming retention elections. Most importantly, we encourage our members and other visitors to this site to educate themselves on these judges and VOTE on August 7, 2014.